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"Abraham, Messenger to the 21st Century" Series.


Book # 2 - Exploring the book of Galatians

"Judeo - Christianity" - Challenged by Paul

So, The Galatian believers were deceived! What about us?


1.What religious mixture did Paul equate with witchcraft? Galatians 3:1
2.Did Paul identify the Jewish leaders, who controlled Jerusalem's spiritual life at that time, with Sarah or with Hagar? Galatians 4:21-26.
4.Did Paul reject the basic tenets of Judaism, or did he teach that it could be modified to blend with the Christ-centered faith?
5.Would resurrecting the temple worship today constitute a denial of Christ's completed atonement?
6.Is there any New Testament evidence for "believing Jews" to be distinguished from other Christians? Ephesians 2:14-18.
7.Why was Ishmael's history so meticulously preserved in the Hebrew Scriptures?
8.Did the "Fig Tree" Jesus spoke of, represent the nation of Israel or did it represent Judaism, Israel's religion?
9.Why do many Christians today prefer a religious "prison" rather than accept spiritual freedom?

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