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Impressed with Book #3

Hi Sam,

I've just read your book #3 a second time; and I'm just as impressed as I was the first time (maybe more so!). The contrast between the 'old way,' (Sinai) and the 'new way' (of Christ) is so clearly elucidated, I don't know how anyone could miss it... if they'd allow themselves to read it, of course.


I was especially struck, this time, by your look at christians as a 'royal priesthood.' It must have taken 'guts' for a former pastor to see that the new covenant does away with the notion of a professional priesthood (and by extension, clergy of any kind) and makes every believer into a 'priest'. It ties in nicely with the similar removal of all other distinctions that separate people-- race, sex, ethnicity, etc.


The role of a true clegyman is to nurture others to not only equal, but to surpass him. "In honor prefering one another" has special meaning to a Royal Priest as he works for the maturing of the lambs.



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