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New Testament definition of "Israel" and "Church"

Sam Pestes, former pastor in British Columbia, has written three volumes under the title: ABRAHAM, MESSENGER TO THE 21st CENTURY.


The topic is Judeo-Christianity. This is a most illuminating presentation on the Abrahamic and Sinai covenants as seen through the eyes of Jesus and New Testament writers. We must let them be the final authority on these subjects.


Highlights from volumes #1 and #2 are now also available on seven cassette tapes or CD's.


The editor of PROCLAMATION MAGAZINE writes:
"I found it so interesting, informative and challenging that I listened to the whole set three times and will go through it again. Every time through, I found new insights. If you are looking for clarity regarding law and grace, faith and works, old and new covenants, Christianity and Judaism, Jew and Israel, then this set is for you.


This is the most persuasive presentation of the new covenant gospel I have ever heard. It will make an excellent ministry tool to share with others."


Books #1 and #2 as well as the tapes and CD's are now available. Book #3 which deals specifically with the relationship between present day Israel and the church should become available in late February.


Contact mailto:s.pestes@shaw.cain Canada or phone 250 765 5121. In the United States call 800 355 7073 or


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